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Published on: September 7, 2011

A couple of months ago I wrote about Leadership in Ubuntu Community.

The take I got from it in IRC was very well received. Then life hit and I didn’t do anything about it. I was hoping that from the talks at UDS-O and the conversations I have had that something would have happened during this release cycle.

Well, we (community) have decided to do something about it. We want to start building a curriculum for an Ubuntu Leadership team. This is going to be a growing project and we want to have off the ground and running by the end of the Ubuntu-P cycle.

During my last post, there was a concern that this would become a mandatory system to become a leader within Ubuntu. No. I want to make that very clear right here. The goal of Ubuntu Leadership is to be a place where people can learn what it takes to become a leader, allow leaders to become better leaders and explain what Ubuntu expects from it’s leaders in the Leadership Code of Conduct.

We will also showcase the differences between the different types of  leadership styles. They all have their own challenges and approaches. There is also a challenge where we have paid employees and volunteers working side by side on the same projects. This opens a few more doors of where some more unique leadership skills is required.

As we build and grow I am confident that we can become a dream come true for several people within Ubuntu and the Community at large. If you would like to help get this project up and running, please contact me. I have already started drafting some ideas and I would love any and all involvement.

I will be attending UDS-P in Orlando, FL in Oct/Nov and I will be hosting a session or two on this subject. Stay tuned and I will be posting more plans for the project here. I am looking forward to working with all of you in building this project.

  1. Ian Weisser says:

    Why wait for UDS? This is not a time-based feature.

    A lot of key stakeholders will be at UDS, true. You should still do a UDS session on the topic.

    But you don’t need to wait until then to gauge interest, hold a recruiting/organizing meeting, assign research topics, and work out some of the obvious concepts.
    (If you announce a recruiting meeting, I’ll show up).

    Then, at UDS, you’re ready with a tentative plan, resources (volunteers), and you’re ready to get a more concrete feedback and buy-in from those stakeholders instead of merely expressions of interest.

    • It wasn’t as much as a time based thing for Ubuntu Leadership as it is that this is a very busy time in the release cycle for my documentation work. I will be assembling a lot more of this once the Documentation String Freeze is in effect.

      Thank you for wanting to help out. Stay tuned for more information as it appears here. :)

  2. akgraner says:

    David thanks for being willing to help get this off the ground!

    The LP group is set up and now the mailing list and IRC channels need to be established. I believe David is working on getting that set-up currently. So watch for more blog posts across the planet.

    Ian, thanks for being willing to get involved and help. I can’t wait to see more people involved as this begins to take shape and form.

  3. Cody A.W. Somerville says:

    I’d be interested in being involved in this.

    However, I’d suggest calling it a Community of Practice[1] instead of a team.

    Also, what do you mean by ‘As we build and grow I am confident that we can become a dream come true for several people within Ubuntu and the Community at large’? :P

    [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Community_of_practice

  4. Cool initiative…. I was actually talking to pleia2 the other day about making a ebook covering some of the same ground.

  5. Guy Perrins says:

    I am doing a executive LDP. A queston I have is can Ubuntu Leadership be applied to modern high pressure busness leadership in the african context, working in africa?

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